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Its not often a teacher gets to see his/her students thrive beyond the education realm. Especially in trading, when you teach people, it can be quit impersonal. Usually students pass through your doors, ask you questions, and then leave when ever they want. So you never know if they are actually retaining the information or if they even using it.

However in this rare case, I had the honor and privilege of one of my students actually taking what he learned and entered a competition to compete against others in what looks like a monthly competition. I am very proud of Esad, also known as Tyche in our chat room.

Here is account on,

In chat I have seen him grow and offer some really good plays so it please me as a teacher too see one of my students not only learn but also compete. To be honest, I wish more of my students would do things like this. The greatest compliment to me, is to my students exceed. As making a difference in others is the most important thing in life. So congrats Esad, keep up the good work.


Here is proof the competition, not only in the picture above but also the proceeding emails.


****At the time this post was posted, I did not know it was a simulated account. Still good to know that there is something that allows you to turn simulated trades into real money, but in my view this make it less appealing. As simulated trades are far different then, real trades. I also did not know it was only 6 days, which is a very small time frame. Not to take anything away from Esad, however, I wish this information was presented to me before. I will keep the post up because it is still pretty kool and a good program for those who did not know about it. ********************************

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