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Bao "The Trading Fish."

Bao “Modern Rock”  is an American day trader, well-respected in the trading community. Unlike many other professional traders, Bao routinely helps newer traders by calling out his trades (in real-time) on Twitter. The idea of “giving back” to the trading community for free is a strong part of his overall philosophy.

Bao graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in Engineering and spent 8 years as a developer during the .COM days in Silicon Valley. However, Bao was more interested in trading stocks than he was programming applications. He became instantly hooked when his very first trade on Silicon Graphics (SGI) made him 30% overnight.

Bao moved to NYC around 2000 during which time he became really focused in day trading and decided to become a full time trader, trading exclusively for himself. Although Bao currently trades all types of US equity stocks, for many years his expertise was in the area of penny stocks, where he made a name for himself as “Modern_Rock”. Bao currently lives in Silicon Valley, CA and spends his time traveling and paying it forward, sharing his trading knowledge for free via THE Trading Fish @mrockrulez

Tim Sykes - The Visionary

A little lesser known fact about me, is that I have been a Tim Sykes students since August of 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday, that I started looking at what it took to play the stock market and how I could better myself through it. Low and behold, I stumbled across Tim on youtube. Not to say, I put much faith in youtube traders but he seemed legit. After researching his story and finding out more about him, I started watching all his Dvd’s, which you can get here ( The rest is history as they say.


Mr.Incredible, is probably one of the best option traders I have seen in a long time. He is in Superman’s chat, which you can gain access to here ( He is generally spot on when it comes to market movement and momentum. He has, in my opinion, a very good understanding of the overall indices and where they are going. He is up over 300,000 in one years time. See his trades here ( He also has a blog where he gives his thoughts and opinions about stocks, however, fortunately for you all, he is more active on twitter. Follow his blog here ( and follow him on twitter here @IncredibleTrade. Tim has said before, “that he never has met a consistent, profitable, options trader.” I beg to differ. So here he is guys. Reach out to him if you want. He is a very nice guy and has a lot of knowledge. So learn from him and pick his brain.

The Super Hero Of The Stock Market

For those of you who do not know, this is Paul Scolardi aka Superman, on Profitly. He has been my mentor in the stock world since January 2014. Year to date Superman is up 1.5 Million Dollars!!!!!! If you do not believe me, check out all his verified trades ( Recently, I was featured in his blog for being one of his top students, which can be seen here ( Below is a little something I wrote about his service and my experience with him. You can follow him on Twitter…..@super_trades


For  those of you who do not know, Futures Trader 71 has been a spectacular influence on me. As you all know, or at least you should know, I am a trader that believes in equilibrium. As I went through the self discovery  process of being a trader, I thought to myself I cannot be the only one who believes in this concept, that the markets move from balance to imbalance, rinse and repeat. Thus one night as I was combing through the twitter sphere and looking at @IncredibleTrade twitter feed I came across FuturesTrader71. This lead me to watch countless hours of videos on Youtube by him. I grew to admire the way he talked about this concept of balance to imbalance and thought what he had to teach and what he had to say was extremely important for traders to understand. You can check out his youtube page here…Youtube Page.

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