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Trading Knowledge/Random Blog Posts

This section will be more of a running blog about techniques of certain traders I find interesting or blog posts that I write. This page will serve (I hope) as a place for others to expand there knowledge and learn from other traders, that have interesting concepts and ideas that you may have never thought of. Some of the stuff will leave you saying, “There is no way, that works.” That is ok, the purpose is to expose you to many different strategies and maybe something will resonate with you. Remember in trading, you will never trade like anyone else. You will see different things and you mold that into your being, because you are not someone else, you are you.

Free Public AMA:

(From November 5th 2016)

Full Recording of Public AMA. Everyone can watch this for free. It is three hours long and there is a section where I did have some difficulties with my own program. lol. So you will have to bear through that but still useful information I think.

2nd Annual Trader and Investor Summit

Well, I just wanted to give my closing thoughts, as the jitters from #TISummit wash away. According to the blog post, here, by @timothysykes , we had “nearly 800 people attending our Trader & Investor Summit (see #TISummit posts on social media) from over 25 countries,  [thus making this conference] our biggest and best yet.” This is quite incredible considering last year we had roughly 300-400 people. So we almost doubled in size. Last year was my first year speaking at the conference, which in front of so many people I was a nervous wreck. Then considering we doubled, it was like a double shot for me. Also before I went up on stage, somehow that morning I had managed to bruise the top of my foot and could not walk very well. I tried to get Tim’s Uncle (Rick Sykes) to push me around in a wheel chair, for the hilarity of it but we decided  not to disturb the peace. If you see me standing with my foot up on stage, you now know why. (Thanks For Taking So Many Pics guys and gals!)

An Intro To Trading: What it is

In this article, I will detail my own thoughts about the trading community I live in. These thoughts do not represent the thoughts of anyone else but my own, and I will try to be as delicate and tactful as possible when describing my opinions.

Intro: In the crazy fast paced world of trading, many people come to the table with big eyes and hubris ambitions. (I’m using trading in a broader sense to represent investing, day trading, and swing trading.) However, too most people’s surprise, trading is not what they thought it would be. Their aspirations and dreams quickly fly out the window and what they are left with is a couple of rib shots and a bad taste in their mouth. Most people never get past this phase in trading, which is why most people fail at trading. This generally leads a person down two paths, either they quit, or they get back up and keep at it.

A Starter Guide To Futures:

Abstract: This guide is intended to help those who are just starting to look at futures. This material will not contain any strategies, quantitative edges, or any other conceivable edges. Just the basics.

What are futures?

-A futures contract is a type of derivative instrument, or financial contract, in which two parties agree to transact a set of financial instruments or physical commodities for future delivery at a particular price. If you buy a futures contract, you are basically agreeing to buy something that a seller has not yet produced for a set price. But participating in the futures market does not necessarily mean that you will be responsible for receiving or delivering large inventories of physical commodities – remember, buyers and sellers in the futures market primarily enter into futures contracts to hedge risk or speculate rather than to exchange physical goods (which is the primary activity of the cash/spot market). That is why futures are used as financial instruments by not only producers and consumers but also speculators.


5 Bullshit Clichés About Markets:

  1. Cut your losses quickly.
  2. “They” are out to get me.
  3. You must remove your emotions to be a successful trader
  4. Technical analysis is all I need to be successful in the markets
  5. Markets are not predictable

A Brief Post About One Of My Students

One of my students came in 3rd for the month of July from the Futures Institute.

Why October Is Not So Bearish

Considering today is October 19th 2016, I figured that I would do this blog post to dispel the myth of October being a bear month. To start things off we will look at the history and the phobia of October. We will be referencing in this next part some work done by Yale and Jeffrey Hirsch. In one excerpt I think he captures the essence pretty well.


“October often evokes fear on Wall Street as memories are stirred of crashes in 1929, 1987, the 554-point drop on October 27, 1997, back-to-back massacres in 1978 and 1979, Friday the 13th in 1989, and the 733-point drop on October 15, 2008. The term “Octoberphobia” has been used to describe the phenomenon of major market drops occurring during the month. Market calamities can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so stay on the lookout and don’t get whipsawed if it happens.”

Christmas Sale is having there annual Christmas sale, for those users who use the code “PROFITMAS”. Make sure to watch the video and use the links found in here to get access to the sales.

Christmas Reflections

Finally its December and its generally the time I like to reflect on the year, however, I never really write it down, as back in the day it was just me talking to myself. Considering now I have somewhat of a small cult like following on the interwebs, I feel it may be good for other traders/people to read about my reflections as it may resonate with others.


For me December is not only a reflection month but it is the time of year in which my birthday comes to fruition and I will be turning 27 years old (or young), to be witty. January of 2016 this year started off a lot better then my January two years ago. Two January’s ago I lost my mom; the person who I loved with all my heart and a giant void was left. Then the January there after, I felt the void and it left me numb, but I got to fill it by teaching others about the market. That human social interaction and interconnectedness really helped me cope with the abyss/void that was left in my soul. So even though my students back then would be thankful to me, for all the one on one time I spent with them, little did they know that they also helped me more then words could describe. I think it is human nature to pity ones self, when bad things happen, but you must persevere and turn all those emotions outwards and put it into your work and family. You never want to let the bitterness or hate seep into your soul, when bad things happen, as it will destroy you from the inside out.

My Algos Now On Tradestation

It is my great honor and privilege to announce that my Algorithms that I designed are now on Tradestation. This allows users who have Tradestation too purchase and use my Algos in semi or full automation. Please watch the video contained in the blog and check them out on Tradestation.

Seeking Alpha:

When I first got interested in markets about 12 to 13 years ago, I never knew how deep the rabbit hole would go. It started out of pure curiosity and turned into a real passion. There are very few things in life that you will be passionate about, maybe even one or two. I happen too have two passions the market and psychology. Fortunately they go hand and hand. However, it took a lot of different, jobs, books, and life lessons to understand what my true passion was. In order to know what you don’t like or what you like, you have to try and experience many things. I don’t mean just try everything like, “O I’ve never been drunk before, so let me go out and get drunk.” I mean try different things that intrigue your mind. For example, learn a new language or travel to a place you have never been. Try and learn different aspects of life. This will open your mind and broaden your horizons. (I know two other languages outside of English.)

Testimonial Of My Service By Pie

My journey: I started trading forex, then I went to penny stocks with Tim and finally I met Triforcetrader.  He was key to my learning curve, as he is very clear on what works and what doesn’t. I have a long way to go, but just want to make the point on how important it is to follow someone that proves what he says with real data, as there is so much false or non-proven information about trading out there.

So this has been my journey, below is my profit chart:
1: Joined Triforce trader but kept trading penny stocks.
2: Stopped trading penny stocks
3: Started applying what I learned from Triforcetrader basing my trades on my systems only, stopped doing everything else and traded with the minimum, micro lots then sometimes went with mini lots.
4: Stopped using mini contracts and started trading only with normal contracts.

I post all my trades on profitly and I also post in real-time in Triforce chatroom and sometimes on my twitter.

5 Lessons From One Of My Students Crossing Over The 100k In Profits

Finally a student who has crossed over a big milestone threshold in my opinion, and will actually let me talk about them. =) In the past I have helped two people get accepted into hedge funds, and helped another student in not only learning about trading but helped them apply AI concepts to make millions in the market. However great these feats for me have been, I cannot disclose who they are. Finally I have someone who is willing to allow me to talk about them, and I am very pleased to be able to. There is one thing in life that I love the most and that is seeing other people succeed at their goals. There is no greater feeling.

Let me introduce you to Mindful Trades. Mindful is an MD Psychiatrist, who has a very true love for trading. He is very dedicated, thoughtful, and an all around great person. Unlike the many fakers in this industry who claim to make millions or any kind of money in the market, but don’t show ALL their trades publicly, Mindful Trades is 100% fully transparent showing EVERY trade publicly here, including his losses, not just a questionable screenshot here or there, just like myself and my other top Triforce Training students.

Triforce LLC : Welcome !


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