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Christmas Reflections

Finally its December and its generally the time I like to reflect on the year, however, I never really write it down, as back in the day it was just me talking to myself. Considering now I have somewhat of a small cult like following on the interwebs, I feel it may be good for other traders/people to read about my reflections as it may resonate with others.


For me December is not only a reflection month but it is the time of year in which my birthday comes to fruition and I will be turning 27 years old (or young), to be witty. January of 2016 this year started off a lot better then my January two years ago. Two January’s ago I lost my mom; the person who I loved with all my heart and a giant void was left. Then the January there after, I felt the void and it left me numb, but I got to fill it by teaching others about the market. That human social interaction and interconnectedness really helped me cope with the abyss/void that was left in my soul. So even though my students back then would be thankful to me, for all the one on one time I spent with them, little did they know that they also helped me more then words could describe. I think it is human nature to pity ones self, when bad things happen, but you must persevere and turn all those emotions outwards and put it into your work and family. You never want to let the bitterness or hate seep into your soul, when bad things happen, as it will destroy you from the inside out.


Anyways, I digress. This year Tim Sykes and his family, along with Anthony (AKA @WolfMillion on twitter), invited me to go on a trip with them to Turks and Caicos on a private jet, which was not only amazing, but it also helped kind of get me out of my one year funk. The rays of sunshine down there seem to brighten me back up. Granted I’m not the bubbliest person on the planet but it helped me find some balance. Outside of Tim’s gracious invite, Tim’s family was there, which also helped brighten the days. I like Tim Sykes, but I love his family even more. I wish I could adopt them as my own family, they are truly amazing people with a great sense of humor. I cannot describe it, we just click.



Shortly after the Turks and Caicos vacation (one that was very needed), I finished one of my new DVD’s “Trading Around Equilibrium” (20 hours long), which took almost a year to make (I’m just a one man shop) of all the basic knowledge I had acquired over the years, about the market (Click Here For More Details). I ran through the material one on one with 70 students for a year in 2015, and then released the full content//DVD for the public in 2016. It is a comprehensive guide but it is basic enough to understand. There is little to no Quant analysis and I went so far to include a self paced homework guide that not only had homework questions but also many examples from my students and myself answering those questions. The homework guide alone is over 60 pages and the purpose of it is to do the homework along with the DVD. This is paramount as I learned why teachers want you to do homework for a class. I found that if I didn’t force people to do the work they would watch the material and think that they knew the answer. However, if questioned on it or asked to proliferate it in practical terms they could not perform. That is because human beings live by the law of three in terms of learning. They need to visually see it, they need to do it, and they need to experience it, in order for it to stick. I found that retention went significantly up by doing this process. There were some who had photographic memories but had more difficultly with their emotions then anything else. Maybe I will do a mini course just on psychology. ;). After all, I might as well use my degree.


Then after all that, there was the Trading and Investor Summit in Orlando (Which I begged Tim To do it there, so your welcome), with Timothy Sykes, Michael Goode, Tim G, Superman (Paul Scolardi), and the whole crew. I love these events because I get to see my mentor Superman and meet a whole gambit of other new traders. You can read more about it in my blog post 5 Best Lessons From The 2nd Annual Trader And Investor Summit”. Although I trade a lot different from my mentor and even the people there, I think I shattered some minds during the conference (In a good way). I’m not joking either; a lot of people came up to me and were very distraught. That is what happens when you show people real probabilities and not this floozy red to green stuff, or buy the dip ect…

To back track a bit since writing about probabilities, also at the beginning of the year I also started allowing people to take the same signals as me for one of my many Trading Algorithm Systems (There are 10 on, Second Video). Its pretty cut and dry and the signals were alerted in real time, which you can see thee entire performance of these Algorithms since inception on by clicking here. I don’t know how many people out there have a system that they offer at such a low price with these kinds of performance metrics but I guarantee in the coming years the price will only go up. This is because I have found just a preponderance of garbage trading systems. I’m not the best designer of trading systems but in comparison of what I have seen and what I charge, things need to go up, as in all my systems I strive to make them hedge fund worthy. Trust me these are (Knock on Wood).

Not only have I released the systems for the general public but I also released what’s known as an “Algo Report” which you can find here(Also In Second Video), that goes over the basic probabilities of what the next day of the E-Mini S&P 500 should be. Bullish, bearish, or neutral. This also comes with the signals, as well as a daily video watch list. To get people acquainted with systems trading and comparing my Algos against what is out there, I made this video. The reason one cannot get on his or her high horse about their Algos success is that you never know when your edge will end, but if fund makes an Algorithmic System, and I out perform what they make, I got to say something. This is a game that is easily kept score of. Check out the video here.

The last thing in 2016 that I did was I also released an intro into Quant Trading, which you can find out more details by clicking here. I did this because there is not a lot known about the secret world of Quants and not a lot of retail traders actually utilizing Quantitative analysis, which is fascinating to me. You can read a review of the DVD here. It is like everyone took two steps back and said we will go no further then 1985. We will only use “pullbacks” and other wishy-washy judgment calls. This is interesting as, yes there are people that can do this well, but the real reason traders fail is they don’t back test their beliefs or theories. It is interesting the minds ability to trick us into believing that we can do better then a computer, when all trading is based on probability. Humans are not good at probability; we are contextual learners, and good with instinct.

When laid all out on the table I accomplished a lot this year not only in terms of my business but also I did pretty well in the market as a trader. Achieving that balance can be difficult but it’s always a work in progress.

The reason for all this is, for 2017, I really don’t know where to go from here. Things I want to accomplish are

My Goals

-Finish My Degree In Forensic Psychology

-Grow my business more

-Have a conference of my own

-Have mini series into a more in depth look at Quantative analysis with coding involved in it.

-Get Married (This is happening in January)

-Release some Algorithms on Tradestation for full automation.

-Work with some trading Legends. =)

-Start building out interviews with traders, by traders. A new podcast that hopefully dives deeper then what is currently out there

Hopefully I can accomplish this and more. Remember that in life its important to set goals for yourself, that are attainable. Remember that if you think about everything you want to do all at once you will drive yourself crazy. As a wise man once said, “Matt you can do anything you want, the only question is time.”


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