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Interviews With Traders

This page will be dedicated to helping others connect with other successful traders. Sometimes they will be voice interview s and sometimes they will be written. This should help you feel not so alone in the trading game and understand the kind of Grit a trader needs to be successful. From A-Z.

Triforce Trader

Interviews with me in them. Enjoy.

Timothy Sykes

If you’re not already familiar with Tim (for some strange reason), he’s made quite a name for himself as the penny stock guru, who trades, teaches and flaunts big piles of cash on Instagram. And before you can get a word in sideways, he’ll also gladly remind you that he does have ‘millionaire students’!

I really enjoyed this conversation with Tim, because we covered many substantial topics that do play an important role in a traders’ success. To rattle off just some of those topics, we discussed:

  • What’s all fuss the about making a million dollars?
  • How to stay motivated and get the most out of your dedicated study time?
  • How to combat the urge of over-trading?
  • How to avoid liquidity issues in OTC markets?
  • And so much more…

Answer Stock

Is a show produced by TLC Media, where we have traders send in their questions and other seasoned traders answer them. People who have been on the show so far are Triforce Trader, Tim Sykes, and Superman. It is a way for people to connect with other traders, while simultaneous getting insight into another traders mind set. The show is intended to help benefit everyone, and is our way of creating something beneficial for the trading/investing community outside of CNBC. You can send your questions to In the title put Answerstock. Enjoy.



Tim Grittani

Tune in to the journey of an incredibly talented intraday trader, who has transformed a $3,000 account into almost $3,000,000 – within the space of just a few years.

It was early 2012 when he first ventured into the jungle of penny stocks. After catching on to how these markets operated and understood the manipulation, he certainly mastered a few setups that paid him generously over and over again. Eventually he hit a few limitations, and now he’s predominantly a short-seller of NASDAQ stocks, which makes for an interesting segment during this interview.

He is undoubtedly one guy you should pay close attention to, and his name is Tim Grittani, aka @KroyRunner89.

Looking back, Tim has now pinpointed the 5 key factors that have contributed to the majority of his success to date, and breakdowns each of them over the next 40+ minutes.

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I began my career in the securities industry in 1980 as a stock broker for several firms in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.  During these years, I participated in investment banking, venture funding, wholesale market making and of course trading.

In 1990 I started an investment advisory firm here in Santa Barbara, Ca. focusing on growth investing.  I started a pure technology fund during the bear market of 1994 believing that technology would be the driving force in our economy.  CyberFund was one of the first crossover funds that invested both in public and private technology companies.  I retired from the money management industry in 2003.

Futures Trader 71


For  those of you who do not know, Futures Trader 71 has been a spectacular influence on me. As you all know, or at least you should know, I am a trader that believes in equilibrium. As I went through the self discovery  process of being a trader, I thought to myself I cannot be the only one who believes in this concept, that the markets move from balance to imbalance, rinse and repeat. Thus one night as I was combing through the twitter sphere and looking at @IncredibleTrade twitter feed I came across FuturesTrader71. This lead me to watch countless hours of videos on Youtube by him. I grew to admire the way he talked about this concept of balance to imbalance and thought what he had to teach and what he had to say was extremely important for traders to understand. You can check out his youtube page here…Youtube Page.


This week I got a chance to sit down with Sunrise Capital. Sunrise is a pioneering asset management firm that is now in its 37th year of alternative investing. Founded in 1980, Sunrise offers a range of compelling macro and tactical investment programs for individual and institutional investors alike. Applying nearly four decades of investing experience to markets around the globe, Sunrise builds investment solutions designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns and significant downside protection in times of market crisis. Whether you are looking to invest in equities, bonds, currencies, commodities or diverse combinations of various asset classes, Sunrise has specific offerings available to fit your needs. In addition, Sunrise is highly skilled at developing customized investment solutions and welcomes conversations with prospective investors regarding the specific investment needs they may have.

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