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DVD A 20-hour guide of how to profit from the equity and futures market by Matthew Owens (Triforce). For the first time, Matthew Owens (Triforce) teaches people exactly what he does in all markets. This course goes from A-Z and comes with many helpful guides, as well as a self-paced homework guide.

DVD Quant Trading 101 is designed to teach people how to do quantitative analysis to form some qualitative opinions. The hope of this DVD is to share some insights into how to normalize data, how to test if you actually have an edge in a system or methodology, how to import and export data, how to analyze data, so on and so forth. In this DVD, you will find lots of examples, a trader toolbox to test your system using Monte Carlo and a form of E-ratio, included in case your platform that you are using does not offer these tools.


Ric S, Audio Engineer, NYC

I found Matthew’s website through a stock market guru that I have followed for a while now.  After reading up on him, I decided to hire Matthew to tutor me on a very specific stock market strategy that I was having difficulty understanding.  I’ve never hired a tutor before in my life so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I received far exceeded my expectations.  Matthew is a very knowledgeable professional who knows his craft inside and out and has a natural ability to explain things in a way that made it easier for me to understand.  He was extremely well prepared for the session and catered it exactly to what I was looking for.  He made sure that every question I had was answered and understood thoroughly.  I will definitely be coming back for future sessions.”

Brian K

If you want a consistent education on what the market has done, is currently doing and will most likely do in the upcoming week you cannot find a more all-inclusive Watch list. You are not limited to a particular style of trade. There are constant winners in futures, large to small caps, penny stocks, low floaters…etc.. I have witnessed amazing winners in all areas daily and weekly. The watch list video and other educational attachments are an incredible way to profit in the market while learning to be independent. There are attached pertinent news releases related to the stock and futures picks on the list..its almost being spoon fed to you. It gives a great sense of confidence when you are able to combine all this knowledge with your own research to profit in the market!

Rex H

I have only subscribed to Matti’s watch list for 2 weeks and I am already up $3,000 for trading futures. Matti’s watch lists are very detailed which include video watch lists for futures, stocks and sometimes options; as well as charts and informational/educational articles that are very helpful for trading. You won’t believe how accurate some of the price levels marked on the watch list, which can give you a great edge when trading. I highly recommend Matti because not only can you learn from this great trader but you can also make some serious money.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much Triforcetrader has helped me in my trading. I think it would have taken years to accumulate the knowledge that I have found studying under him. His knowledge of the market regularly blows me away. His love and enthusiasm for all things market related shows in the amount of research he puts into his Watch list. The sheer number of Watch list winners he calls is a testament to Triforcetrader daily!

John K

Matt is far and away the best trading guru I have found online. It’s not often that you find a guy who has been as successful as him, and at the same time, wants to help others as well. I use Matt’s watchlist mainly for futures, and his calls are nothing short of uncanny. Day in and day out, he consistently predicts price action and support/resistance levels that turn out to be extremely accurate. He shows you the methods to find these levels yourself, too. His watchlist is incredibly comprehensive, and it has made me a much, much more confident and informed trader. And if you have any questions, he’s always incredibly helpful. You can’t beat the value you get with TriforceTrader.


One of the most in-depth watch lists you can be a part of. Triforce puts a lot of thought and effort into each and every watch list so that you are never left hanging trying to decipher what is he is trying to infer with his stock picks or futures selections for that day. All I can say is that you will be glad that you signed up for Triforce’s watch list.


“So much more than just a watchlist” If you subscribe to the Triforce watch list you are getting so much more than just a list of stocks. You will have daily access to awesome education and training aids that enable ‘continuous improvement and focused learning’. My knowledge of the economics surrounding the macro environment, plus understanding key technical analysis of Futures and Equities markets has gone through the roof. Triforce clearly lays out the key support and resistance points to look for, and what to be aware of. On stocks he uses the same indicators that Superman guides his students to focus on, but often it will have a Triforce special twist. In addition to a written watch list Triforce often prepares daily videos so you can visually see the charts and levels he is talking about. Even when I am away from trading I always go and catch up on all the video content as this is gold dust. If you want to learn, you want to improve your game on how to go long and short across multiple markets then I can’t recommend this services enough. Triforce is changing student lives – get onboard!

Matt P

Matt Owens, better known as Triforce Trader has been incredible mentor and teacher thus far. I have had a chance to observe and watch him succeed and explain his trades in chat on profitly for a few months now. Getting TriForce Traders detailed watch list far surpassed my expectations. It instantly gave me insight and knowledge into the market and key trades with a video explanation to go along with it. You will feel like TriForce trader is teaching you and preparing you every morning to be a profitable trader before the market opens. You will gain insight and learn what TriForce Trader looks for in his trades. A successful trader sharing his thought process and stocks on his watchlist, no better way to learn! Thanks TriForce Trader!

Jacob F

Just finished up the watchlist and wanted to thank you for all you do each week, and wish you a great weekend! I have had the privilege to have several one on one lesson with you and have learned so much. The passion you put into your teaching is second to none and I recommend your teachings to anyone who wants to click buy or sell in this wild market we play in. I have also been receiving your watchlist since day one. I see the same amount of passion and level of detail that you share in your tutoring flow nightly into your watchlist. You put so much information into your w/l its almost like a nightly tutoring lesson included with a W/L… I am locked in for the next year and can not wait for what is in store! I I don’t know how I would trade futures with out what you have taught me! Plus the high level of DD you put into your stock picks…. Who else does what you do…. No One… Thanks you for all you do.

Frank D

Before Matti’s guidance, I was having terrible consistency issues. The majority of my trades were losers and I was in a real slump. The reality is, newbie traders are up against some of the smartest minds in the world and they lack the knowledge to succeed. Matti’s watchlists will give you the knowledge to succeed. His teaching style is very easy to understand and goes into great detail on each of his trades. The best part of the videos is the fact that you get to see his reasoning and process of WHY a trade is made. Finally, he teaches how to use the ichimoku cloud system which personally I’ve found to be the most accurate technical indicator around.


Watch List And Examples

How can you get your hands on it? Well, all you have to do is go to (Watch List)

Just to give you an idea of what my watch list contains here are many examples. =) If you want to enlarge the video, either click the youtube button at the bottom of the video or click the button that looks like this []. You would click the gear to change the resolution at the bottom of the video.

Youtube Channel: Click Here

Written Portion: Click Here


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