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Is a show produced by TLC Media, where we have traders send in their questions and other seasoned traders answer them. People who have been on the show so far are Triforce Trader, Tim Sykes, and Superman. It is a way for people to connect with other traders, while simultaneous getting insight into another traders mind set. The show is intended to help benefit everyone, and is our way of creating something beneficial for the trading/investing community outside of CNBC. You can send your questions to In the title put Answerstock. Enjoy.

Episode 1:

Answerstock is a new idea we had to answer your questions, leave more questions at and we’ll answer them in future episodes, but for now enjoy Q&A with


Episode 2:

GREAT new episode with Superman & his 1st millionaire student Matt O., sorry I missed this episode, but I’ve been working too hard on my new guide, I’m glad Superman & Matt gave some solid tips on how to trade this time of year!

Episode 3:

Grab 50% off special deals at and and have a happy Thanksgiving holiday from the family to you and your family!

Episode 4:

See past episodes and and and have a great weekend!


Episode 5: 

Remember this show is interactive so send your questions to and we’ll answer them live on future episodes!


Episode 6:

Crazy holiday stock market stories…be sure to lock in 50%+ savings at and before the holiday sale ends in a few days!

Episode 7

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas to you and your family! Take advantage of our holiday sales and and save 50%+ off for just a few more days!

Episode 8

Tim shows off his new crazy hairdo so he can have similar success as in 2016, happy New Year everyone!


Episode 9:

We like to make jokes on AnswerStock, but more importantly, we also answer your questions so hit up to get your questions answered on our next episode!


Episode 10:

Remember to hit up to get your questions answered on the next episode of AnswerStock!


Episode 11:


Episode 12:

I’m down in Turks & Caicos with and we filmed another AnswerStock just a few days ago, it’s good to learn from profitable traders in a down/tough market! Remember to contact to have your questions answered on the next episode!


Episode 13:

A new AnswerStock episode with and and remember to hit up to get your questions answered on our next episode!


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