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  Tune in to the journey of an incredibly talented intraday trader, who has transformed a $3,000 account into almost $3,000,000 – within the space of just a few years. It was early 2012 when he first ventured into the jungle of penny stocks. After catching on to how these markets operated and understood the […]
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Is a show produced by TLC Media, where we have traders send in their questions and other seasoned traders answer them. People who have been on the show so far are Triforce Trader, Tim Sykes, and Superman. It is a way for people to connect with other traders, while simultaneous getting insight into another traders […]
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If you’re not already familiar with Tim (for some strange reason), he’s made quite a name for himself as the penny stock guru, who trades, teaches and flaunts big piles of cash on Instagram. And before you can get a word in sideways, he’ll also gladly remind you that he does have ‘millionaire students’! I […]
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