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For  those of you who do not know, Futures Trader 71 has been very influential on me. As you all know, or at least you should know, I am a trader that believes in equilibrium. As I went through the self discovery  process of being a trader, I thought to myself I cannot be the only one who believes in this concept, that the markets move from balance to imbalance, rinse and repeat. Thus one night as I was combing through the twitter sphere and looking at @IncredibleTrade twitter feed I came across FuturesTrader71. This led me to watch countless hours of videos on Youtube by him. I grew to admire the way he talked about this concept of balance to imbalance and thought what he had to teach and what he had to say was extremely important for traders to understand. You can check out his youtube page here…Youtube Page.

What I found most fascinating is that in a round about way he found equilibrium through a process called Volume Profile. You can learn more about this from him by clicking here. When I heard him talking about it and the way he saw the market, it really resonated with me. This is because not only did it click with my underlying belief about the market but it also allowed me to see a story unfold. Fast forward to current day Triforce and I use volume profile all the time to tell a story. For this I am ever grateful that I found him.

Another quality I like about FT is his relentless pursuit to help traders. He does free Q&A sessions, has a daily market update called “Trader Bites” and is currently a Managing Partner of Stage 5 Trading Corp . You can watch is daily Trader Bites by following him on twitter @FuturesTrader71 where he will literally alert you when they are coming out. I personally watch these as it gives me a nice sound board to listen to someone else talk about there plan verses my own. I give my subscribers a watch list usually about 8 hours ahead of the market, which you can get by clicking here. Another very unique aspect within his trading firm is that he does call traders and helps them work out there kinks in trading. That is the kind of hands on person he is.

Lastly, although I cannot personally a test to his track record as a trader or what he has done in his life, I think for any new trader who wants a good, free, foundation to a trading system and psychological mindset of the market, FT has a lot to offer.

Here is just some background on him:


  • Full Time Professional Trader – First and foremost. All other things come next
  • Former owner/operator of a proprietary (prop) futures trading firm
  • Clearing through a Futures Clearing Merchant who mainly handles large volume professional traders
  • Member of the CME. Licensed Trader designation on Eurex
  • Currently, Managing Partner of Stage 5 Trading Corp; an innovative and trader-centric brokerage in Chicago. Providing unique brokerage solutions to the trading public including a structured trading environment, solid trading platform and tools as well as competitive prices.


  • Proprietary Trader – Training mainly received through proprietary trading with other professionals at the CBOT using trial-by-fire and trial-and-error
  • No Formal Training – Endless hours spent watching the market and testing indicators, approaches and strategies
  • Trader Trainer -Was in charge of training other traders (including floor traders, new traders and everything in between)
  • Nothing Works – Without the right approach and state of mind
  • 7 Months to Profitability – Deliberate practice and sheer agony (I don’t like to lose). I know what it is like to struggle to achieve trading goals

His Ideals:

  • Simplicity In Trading – this is my motto for trading. While others complicate it and try to be sophisticated, trading is a simple endeavor at its core. It reflects the perceived value at any given moment
  • Comprehensive and different – I can do this in a way that would put the traders first and then my business will thrive as a result. It has been an amazing experience
  • Straight Talk – I don’t want to recruit, sell or do anything other than to trade and continue to manage my business
  • Karma and the Flow of Prosperity – as soon as one starts to think that there isn’t enough and others have to lose in order for one to win, then the flow of abundance stops. “Give what you would like more of” – hence, my involvement with the online trading community and my drive to build tools and services that are focused on traders

“I prefer that traders focus on what I am trying to share rather than who I am and what I have or have not”

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Recommended Material
Although FT has a lot of recommended material to read on his website I choose this as it truly does exemplify him as a trader in my eyes.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business- available on Amazon.


My Favorite Youtube Videos by FT:

Volume Profile, Trading Hard Right Edge

Scalping Techniques

Volume Profile Intro

 Next As Futures Trader 71 is gone until August 31st, I will try to upload my thoughts and opinions into this section about the markets, as a way of paying it forward.

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