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A little lesser known fact about me, is that I have been a Tim Sykes students since August of 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday, that I started looking at what it took to play the stock market and how I could better myself through it. Low and behold, I stumbled across Tim on youtube. Not to say, I put much faith in youtube traders but he seemed legit. After researching his story and finding out more about him, I started watching all his Dvd’s, which you can get here (http://profit.ly/store). The rest is history as they say.

    In spite of all his accomplishments and all his forethought, Tim gets a lot of crap for what he does. I often get asked the question, why do I think he is a visionary? The answer is simple, he is trying to educate people about the stock market, which at its very nature, is the antithesis of stock market culture itself. I know, not one trader who has tried to show others how to be successful in the stock market until Tim came along. I know, not one, “Guru” who has such a long success track record. Above all else, he is completely and 100% transparent. How many stock traders can you name that exhibit all three of these qualities? Think about it. The man is truly doing something that is against the finance worlds core values. Exposing it for all its flaws for the betterment of other fellow traders. Sure, he makes a profit on his teachings, but he never had to do any of this. He could have retired with his millions by now and we would have never known about him. To me, Tim, is changing, slowly, the very culture of what it means to be a stock trader. The idea is very simple, we all learn and help each other make money, instead of working against each other. For someone to achieve this on a massive scale, will be hard, but the truth is, and I can promise you this, the stock market world for common folk will be forever changed by him.

    If you do not know about him, research him. Study and learn from him. Even if penny-stocks are not what you want to get into, he still has many valuable lessons and teachings of what the stock market is and how to profit from it. Plus he is the one, who even brought Superman to everyone’s attention. The best way to learn more about the mind of Tim Sykes, is through his blog, which you can read here (http://www.timothysykes.com/blog-posts/). He is also a pretty funny guy. Below are a couple of other links/ videos to help you become educated on who he is and what he does.

For Tim’s Service: (http://profit.ly/guru/timothysykes?aff=3829)

Getting to know Tim:

Tim Sykes Harvard Speech

Get to know Tim’s student, Tim Grittani, he is just a little bit older then me and he is up over 1 million dollars. Tim Sykes, as helped Tim Grittani, achieve his goals and become a successful trader.

Tim Grittani’s Speech

The moral of the story is that we never achieve anything alone, as you hear Tim Grittani say at the start. He thanks many people, who have helped him become successful.

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